Human Testimonials

"I had a great experience working with Lucy! Easy and efficient. Results came back very fast. Highly recommend gutchek for yourself or animals. It’s solved a lot of guessing work for me and since switching food have had great results. I also got a test done on my rescue dog who has been having multiple issues. After petchek we were able to find him food that he finally feels good on. We struggled for months on end and once we switched foods we found his overall attitude changed. He is a lot friendlier and more enjoyable to have around. Happy and healthy dog now!"

- Carly Scott

"I had a fantastic experience with Lucy at gutChek. The food sensitivity test was easy and I got guidance on how to interpret the report in a practical way. Professional, solution focused and it worked!!! After implementing the recommendations I felt so much better and lost weight. Thank you!"

- Kaleigh Brinkhurst

"gutChek is brilliant! Such a cool and simple way to learn about what foods to avoid or replace. I was able to make a few small changes to my diet, and feeling better, more energetic and my stomach is more settled! We even did a petchek for our dog, and learned that the top few ingredients in her food were inflammatory - simple to change and try a similar food without those ingredients. It is like a cheat code re what is going on in your gut :)"

- Darren Abrahams

"Was very happy with the service. The results were very easy to understand and act upon, and their nutritionist was helpful in guiding me through the report. I was able to make meaningful changes to my diet with the information they delivered and I'm feeling better now than I did before. Thank you!"

- Gavin Mosley

"Amazing experience working with Lucy and her team! They are efficient, so helpful and caring. My husband and I chose to do a gutChek to learn more about our bodies and be able to optimize our nutrition. Thanks for what you do!"

- Rydel Pepin

"gutChek takes the guesswork out of trying to use food to achieve a greater sense of wellness. Whether it is addressing digestive complaints, general ailments or simply increasing day to day energy, gutChek's thorough report combined with a consultation with a certified nutrition expert gives clients a strong foundation from which to make healthy and simple changes to the foods they eat that will help them to feel great again."

- Diane Johnson

"It was a great experience. All my questions were answered and the results were explained so well. Over and above when they created a special document of all 5 of us in our family so it would be easier to compare and make plans accordingly. Great follow up."

- James Hargrave

"I wanted to tell you how happy I am with your service. It has only been one week, and I have eliminated five of my top intolerances. (foods that I ate on a regular basis) It has made an enormous difference. I feel like a new person. I have so much energy, my head is so much clearer, my skin is so much better, and less body soreness. I am so thankful! Erin W."

- Erin W.

"I had been dealing with eczema for many years! My hands were so sore and raw that I had difficulty doing minor tasks. My doctor gave me multiple creams and medications over the years, but they only provided temporary relief. I tried gutChek and found several items that I reacted to. I avoided the foods that tested the highest and within 3 months my hands were healed and better than they had been in years. My doctor said that I was just in remission, but when I added a couple of the foods back in, I had another flare up. Now I know what to avoid and I'm no longer on any medication." - Donna K.

- Donna K.

Pet Testimonials

"Violet is doing amazing! Our dog was suffering from lesions on her paws from allergies. After we got her GutChek results, ... We're so happy we were able to do the test and get our girl back to her crazy, lab puppy, self."

- Ray-Lynn Busslinger

"I had a great experience working with Lucy! Easy and efficient. Results came back very fast. Highly recommend gutchek for yourself or animals. ... Happy and healthy dog now!"

- Carly Scott

"Snow is a beautiful Turkish Angora cat. ... We checked his food and his treats, all of them contained corn! We changed his food, now we know what ingredients to look for and Snow has a beautiful, shiny, healthy coat, no more itching! Snow says “Thank you gutChek!”"

- P.M.

"We rescued Archie, the sweetest dog ever! ... Since the food change, Archie has normal stool, seems more content and has way more energy!"

- Joanne M.

Horse Testimonials

"I have had several horses tested by horseChek to look more closely at their possible intolerances. Every result has been very helpful and I have been able to make positive differences to my horses' well being. ... I highly recommend this process to help maximize the well being of your horses! I have also had my testing done and have made some positive changes in myself."

- Gina Smith, three-time Canadian Olympic dressage team member

"Thanks again for the great info on my second horse Jake. His energy levels are much higher, now that I have taken out flax from his diet, and made sure the other sensitivities were also out. I've also added what I could with what he was low in. His hooves are no longer tender and the white line is much better and no chipping! My other horse is still doing well (Vince). The bumps under the saddle were completely gone until I bought horse treats that had oats in them, I gave them for a week and a half, and some bumps started to show up. I stopped the treats and within 3 days they were almost gone! Now I know for sure that he cannot have oats or any processed feeds."

- Rose S.