gutChek // Helga

Helga went to her doctor for answers. Her doctor ran numerous tests alongside physio appointments, MRI's and X-rays. After multiple tests that came back in "normal" range, to your blog post.
Helga was feeling helpless for answers. Helga finally found gutChek. This is her story.
A food sensitivity or intolerance happens when our body has difficulty digesting certain foods. We then experience symptoms like inflammation, bloatedness, weight gain and much more. In order to alleviate your symptoms we must identify which food items are causing these symptoms. Our gut, our immune system, detoxification system, hormones and more—are all connected. When we eat foods that continue to stress our gut we experience symptoms that affect our whole body system. By eliminating foods that cause symptoms you allow repair of your digestive lining to take place. Once repair begins your symptoms go away and you begin functioning better overall. Get your gutChek today!
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