petChek // Archie

Meet Archie

 We rescued Archie, the sweetest dog ever! Archie was a rescue, so we didn’t know his background or history. We have struggled with how to feed Archie, as he always had digestive upset including diarrhea. He gets regular vet checks for his overall health and we have tried numerous types of dog food including hypoallergenic brands to deal with the diarrhea. We heard about gutChek and had Archie tested. 2 days after we changed his food, Archie had normal stool, for the first time since we’ve owned him! Crazy, as the food we were giving him was high quality, but contained things like carrots, peas and beef. These items showed up as not good for Archie. Since the food change, Archie has normal stool, seems more content and has way more energy! Joanne M

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