The Gut / Brain connection

The Gut / Brain connection

Research shows that what we eat and the food choices that we make can support a healthier brain, better mood and is linked to so many health aspects.  The other thing to keep in mind is around food intolerances, how do you feel after you’ve eaten something.   Food is meant to fuel us, not make you feel tired, bloated or gassy.  Oftentimes, when our clients get their gutChek report back, several of the high or intolerance food items are the ones they don’t like.  That’s because our body often tells us when a food isn’t good for us.  When we can make healthier choices aligned with our digestive system, we nurture our gut microbiomes, absorb more nutrients and support our mind, body and immune system!

Foods that support cognitive health and your gut microbiome:

Olive oil is an incredible brain healthy addition to any meal.  It has also been linked to many studies linked to Alzheimers.

Eating healthy whole foods, reducing inflammation and feeding the brain with healthy nutrients may not be a cure for Alzhiemers, but it is an important addition to support a healthy brain and memory.

Omegas are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Some of the best sources are wild caught salmon, sardines, nuts and seeds.  Consider consuming more of these brain boosting essential nutrients to support your intellectual and cognitive function. 

Some simple steps towards supporting a healthy brain would be to avoid sugary carbohydrates, trans fats and processed foods and you’ll be off to a great start!  Research around refined sugars has shown that they promote unhealthy gut bacteria and increase inflammation in both the gut and brain.  Has been linked to detrimental effects on cognitive function and memory.

On the flip side, you can feel empowered by eating healthy whole foods to support mental well being, possess brain-healthy and even mood-boosting effects and they are easy to incorporate into our diets on a daily basis.

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