Nutrition for Kids!

Nutrition for Kids!

Many of our clients with kids reached out for advice on nutrition and healthy eating tips.  We know the power of food when it comes to influencing how we think and feel!  We’ve had so many clients make dietary and lifestyle changes based on their gutChek results with the intention of improving their wellbeing and mental clarity, with fabulous results!  

Children are also able to gain incredible benefits when incorporating nutritious foods in their diet.  Now the challenge comes when you have a picky eater or children that struggle with the flavor and/or the texture especially with vegetables.  This is where you may need to get a bit creative!  Smoothies can be a great way to pack in those nutritious foods!  They can be super tasty and disguise some of the foods that they may not be keen to eat on their own.  We recommend berries, rich in antioxidants, leafy greens, seeds like chia or hemp and nuts, all great for adding the omegas.  Avocados, unsweetened coconut milk, and yogurts all are great additions to make it creamy and delicious.  As well as providing gut healthy probiotics.

We spoke to one very clever parent that used their air fryer to create healthy fries, incorporating green beans, zucchini and carrots.  Along with these tasty fries you can add a variety of hummus dips.  All great for fueling both brain health and gut health. 

If your children go to the grocery store with you, have them pick out some different colourful fruits and vegetables to try!  We know that food diversity and eating from the rainbow incorporates a variety of nutrients that fuel healthy minds and bodies!

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