Healthy Food can be Fun!

Healthy Food can be Fun!

Let’s promote some fun ways to incorporate healthy eating and support brain power. 

Smoothies are a great way to incorporate and yes even sneak in a mix of  healthy greens and a variety of rainbow coloured fruits and vegetables! We love adding smoothies to pack in a variety of tastes and to introduce new and different tastes.

Snack foods can also be fun, colourful and nutritious!  Carrot and celery sticks with nut butters, or hummus are another great way to add nutritious foods.

Eggs also pack a punch when it comes to nutrients!  Some many vitamins - A, D, E, K & B12, lots of protein and healthy fats.  Quiches and scrambled eggs are a great way to boost brain powered foods into your child's diet.

Seafood has many health and nutrition benefits.  It can be an acquired taste some many of our clients told us that incorporating it earlier on rather than later into your child's palate can help. Some of the milder options may be good for introducing seafood. Salmon might be a good one to try as it’s packed with omegas and fatty acids, and so good for brain function.

Homemade meatballs are also a fun and easy way to pack in a variety of nutrients!  There are so many great variations to try, traditional beef, or change it up with ground turkey, or even veggie balls and incorporate lentils, beans, seeds and even spinach.  Rather than prepared tomato sauce, try making your own!  We use grape or cherry tomatoes, I typically cut them in half, add a little olive oil and spices depending on what you or your children like. Squish the fresh tomatoes with your hand or a potato masher works well and warm the mixture.  It’s an easy, delicious and fresh alternative to pre-made tomato sauces.

Let’s get creative… have fun with food, pack in those nutrients and benefit from some amazing healthy mood boosting, brain supporting delicious goodness! 

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