Food and Feelings!

Food and Feelings!

We encourage our clients to keep a food and feelings diary!  Why, because it’s so hard to remember 2 days or 2 weeks later, just how you were feeling after that amazing plate of deliciousness.  Ok, probably great during the chewing phase, but what about 1 or 2 hours later?   We recently had a family in to review their gutChek food sensitivity results.  The Dad said, I can eat anything and I don’t ever have a problem.  Well, both of his children said, “Dad! when you eat broccoli you clear the room!  It’s a really bad, bad smell!”  Yup, there might have been a slightly embarrassed Dad at the table, but it certainly helped open up the conversation and the acceptance of being cognizant of how food makes us feel and/or what reaction we might have from it.  

The food we eat has a direct correlation to our digestive tracts, our mood, and our overall health.

Rule of thumb, if something doesn’t make you feel good, it probably isn’t good for you.  It sometimes isn’t easy, but when you look back in your journal, try to be thoughtful about the next time you reach for foods high in refined sugar or foods that may have given you or those around you a negative outcome!  

Your food and feelings journal can also bring awareness to all aspects of food in your life.  Finding joy and inspiration in planning and shopping for your meals, being present and grateful for the nutritious meals you’re enjoying, tasting, enjoying and savoring each bite.  As this may help you tap into your internal intuition around nurturing and fueling your body, so you feel great!  

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