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Food Intolerance - Premium Test - LOS

Food Intolerance - Premium Test - LOS

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So what's your gut been aching to tell you?

Food intolerances occur when the body cannot properly digest or break down certain foods, causing a digestive system response.   As we are constantly evolving some of the food we enjoy, sometimes doesn't enjoy us, and can potentially irritate your digestive system.

We look forward to identifying your intolerances, finding food solutions and putting your health, nutrition and digestion back in alignment!

With a small sample of hair, (yes hair!) gutChek identifies:

  • foods potentially causing inflammation or upset in your digestive system
  • any nutritional deficiencies (what you may not be absorbing from your food)
  • a list of metals/toxins and how well you are detoxifying

After ordering you instantly receive instructions to get started!

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    What's Included:

    Comprehensive Gut Report

    A comprehensive report detailing your results in an easy to understand format

    Complimentary Results Review

    Standard or Premium both tests include - A comprehensive report detailing your results in an easy to understand format

    Your Hair Tested Over Hundred Of Items

    Standard Tests - Your hair tested against 640 food items.

    Premium Tests - Your hair tested against over 780 food and non-food items.

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    Answer your customers' common questions

    Can I send my hair if it is treated? Yes

    Yes, the test is completed on the composition of the sample so hair dye or treatments will have no effect on the result.

    How much hair is required for a sample?

    7 to 10 individual strands of hair with the root, if possible, is required you can always include more if you like!

    How long will it take to recieve my results?

    Results are sent to you via email within 7 to 10 days after receiving your hair sample.

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