Month: January 2020

Happy New Year, 2020

Happy New Year, 2020

Hi Friends,

Dawn of the New Year and new decade is here: Year 2020! Wow, did we imagine 20 years ago when Y2K was a big deal that 20 years would pass by so fast? With so much innovation, new ideas, and so many new medical advances!

I am excited to bring new insights and articles this year, and what I learn I want to pass to you. What I miss is feedback, positive and negative; it does not matter to me. I would like to improve the quality of topics and content of this blog in 2020.

Many times I wonder is it worth continuing the blog if there is no audience?
The medical world is changing so fast that it is hard to keep up with all of the changes and, at the same time, do a fact check. I like to alert my readers only to the topics and contents that are well established and accepted by majority of the medical community.

I am also delighted to report that I have been successful in patient advocacy and guiding folks as to where they can go for care at least in my geographic area of approach. This year, I will like to reach out to more folks and help.

Talk to you soon!